4 step Guide to make your User Research Meaningful

Research, is what you are doing when you don’t know what you’re doing.
It is a process in which one collects the data by performing a systematic investigation based on the set of established fact and comes up with new conclusions to solve the problem.

1. Prepare your research by conducting studies

Type, Surf, Research!

Researching is the fundamental element for any project or idea to kick-start.

Some people treat the research aspect like plague and totally turn their back on it. But if you aim to have an UI design which reaches mass it needs a through research as it can get an accurate analysis how the design needs to be to appeal the masses.

2. Know your Audience

Defined Consumers Always Praise Your Work

If you know your target audience you have all the tools that helps you win in your UI designing . Understanding the psychology and responsive behavior of the consumer plays a huge role in User Research and without identifying the appropriate audience for your project, the entire idea shall be like a body without a soul. Thus knowing your consumer base makes you better in serving them.

3. Survey Questions are Heroes

Our sales are sky rocketing!

Let’s approach the Hero of the User Analysis.

Your are keen on doing research! Give yourself a thumbs on it. But a bad structured survey questionnaire will sink your entire project because of its sleaziness.

Make sure your questions are relevant to the project idea, less nosy and more precise to get maximum information about the consumer base you questioning

4. Keep Calm & Let the Process work

Don’t panic & Believe the Process!

Keep Calm & Let the Process work

It’s rightly said that don’t worry about the result if you love the process which fetches it to you. User research is an intricate process and needs time to get the desired results. Following it diligently and trusting each step of is necessary. From business model canvasing to gathering data and mapping the user research process if followed rightly can fetch you a great result.

User research is extensive and vast in all aspects. User research enable the UI designer to come up with designs and interface that is appealing and serves the purpose of the project idea.

It not only makes your idea to take a shape but also makes it bloom to it’s full potential.